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Image of the owners of Vibes DIY Studio

About Vibes DIY Studio

Las Vegas doesn’t have many creative spaces in the northwest valley for the next generation. What started as a prayer for the family to find a creative space to bring our business ideas to life. We took our love for diy projects, fashion, pop culture, and creative outlets to birth “Vibes Diy Studio.”

Searching the internet & scrolling through TikTok we located cities on the east coast and overseas countries that had businesses that did solely rug tufting or paint pouring, but not both experiences in one location. That’s where “Vibes” comes in, we took multiple experiences and put our twist on it, to give Las Vegas a creative space for all generations to come and express themselves through art.

Our Story

Like lots of others during the 2020 pandemic Marybeth experienced many positives and some negatives in her life. After many years and longer days working remote at a desk and in front of the computer, lots of medical testing, she learned sitting 8+ hours a day until retirement was not going to be any good for her. Marybeth decided that in 2022 she was going to set a goal and depend on prayer to guide her to do something different. She gets a creative itch regularly and wanted to do some type of DIY projects. She always thought if she could do what she wanted and be happy she would be able to create and see others happy as well.

Once deciding to take the leap of faith and brainstorming with her daughter they came up with Vibes. What better to have a creative space for people to come and be happy and express their creative vibe. Her daughter Cooper and her husband CJ are creatives themselves. Between Kenzie Rae and being able to create together has been a joy. Anything for the grand babies, as you may see them growing up in the studio. Can’t wait to see all our friends and family come through and all of you we don’t even know yet. Cheers to 2023. Happy New Year.

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